Following the Annual Meeting in January 2017 the committee members are; 


Anna Malkin – Chair

Pat Peers – Treasurer

George Verdon – Secretary and Membership

Kirstie Scott

Barry O’Connor


The primary objective of FOBL is:-

To advance the education of the public by the promotion of the use of a public lending library service for the benefit of the residents of Benson and the surrounding area.

FOBL will endeavour to do this as follows: –

  • To develop co-operation between the library and the community.
  • To facilitate communication between community, library and county.
  • To encourage the use of the library by people of all ages.
  • To recruit and organise volunteers for specific purposes.
  • Fund raising and sponsorship.
  • Helping to safeguard the future of the library and develop innovations.

FOBL aims to provide a benefit by raising awareness and education in the community about the services offered by the library. This will be done without detriment or harm to any individual or group.

The activities of FOBL will be for the benefit of the whole community. FOBL will not act in the interests of a section of the community. No individual shall receive any private benefit from the activities of FOBL.

FOBL is a not for profit organisation.